Is Bible God's Words?

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New Testament  record bears important significance to Christianity: the Gospels record what Jesus did and said during his short life on Earth. He performed many miracles, including His resurrection, which caused people to recognize that He is the one foretold by prophets: God Almighty who appeared in the flesh. 

Can we trust the New Testament records? Are the Gospels just fiction? Are they just religious legends formed over the centuries about a respected teacher named Jesus? Or are they reliable first hand  eyewitness accounts of what actually happened? Who would put their faith in it if it is just a story book? 

Here is how the reliability of the New Testament are established:

Legend test:  Legends are unverified stories handed down from earlier times. They are developed over time and gradually depart from the historical facts.  Is the record about Jesus just a legend?

Aim: It must be reasonably shown that the New Testament record is accurate and has not changed since it was written.

Fiction test Fiction is a literary work whose content is produced by someone's  imagination and is not necessarily based on fact.  Is the record about Jesus just a fiction?

Aim: The New Testament, especially the Gospels, must collaborate with extra-biblical and non-Christian history.


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