Is there a God?

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Religious experience points to existence of God. 

          Supernatural phenomena are common human experience. Many Christian pastors and missionaries often cast out demons in spiritual encounters. The mystical experiences open up the possibility of an existence beyond this physical world. But are these claims real? are they not just exaggeration, superstition or psychological effects?

        While not all such experiences are credible or scientifically verifiable, he power of Christian prayer has been documented more than once. The October 1999 issue of Internal Medicine presented scientific documentation of the power of Christian prayer, where in a year more than 500 randomly chosen heart patients were remotely prayed for by 75 "blind" intercessors for 28 days. They experienced a 11% better medical condition (fewer complications  and shorter hospital stays) than the control group of patients who were not receiving prayers. 

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What will God look like, if there is one? the revelation.