Is the Bible God's Words?

God is real. He is not an abstract idea or philosophical construct. He is a God of action; He created and sustains the world. God has chosen Bible as a way to reveal Himself to mankind. Through the pages of Biblical records, we can know His works and words and who He is.

There are 66 books in the Bible written by more than 44 authors over a span of 1,500 years. The amazing thing is that over such a long period of time, Biblical writers maintained one common theme: how God deals with and speaks to mankind. But is the Biblical record real? Or is it just a collection of legends and  ancient fairy tales?


Since the Bible claims to be a record of God's action in the past, Biblical history can be checked for its factuality. Studying the archaeology of the Old Testament and the historicity of the New Testament records are the best ways to support the factuality of Bible. The divine nature of the Bible is also attested to by the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. See for yourself...

Old Testament Archaeology New Testament Reliability Biblical Prophecies